Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Trying to grab the Bull by the Balls. Game 3 Preview.

Hear those loud obnoxious horns, you see that effigy of Sid Crosby being burned at stake? No the FLQ haven't taken over, it's Round Two in Montreal! The streets will be buzzing and the Bell Centre will be at a decibel level formerly not known to mankind. The average Blood Alcohol level on Ste. Catharines tonight should be able to put the entire population in Westmount in the drunk tank for the night.
But I digress...
The Pittsburgh Penguins are not the Washington Capitals, they actually do have more self confidence than a 14 year old with a zit on her forehead. They can get the job done if given the chance to execute. So the Canadiens need to keep up their defensive wizardry. Hal Gill, Josh Gorges and P.K. Subban have to be rocks on the blue line yet again. Mike Cammalleri needs to keep finding those dead spots in the zone, and Andrei Kostitsyn needs to be super glued to the bench.
Emphasis on the Super Glue.
If the Canadiens can pull a victory off tonight, they put themselves in the driver's seat of this Eastern Conference Semi Final, and a lead a series 2-1 for the first time since the Bruins series in 2008. Our third line center was Bryan Smolinski. Yeah, it's been a while.
Enjoy the game and anyone who boos the national anthem should have to make out with Evgeni Malkin

I know, I've already used this picture. But I feel now is a good time to bring it out of the Montreal Hypocrites archive.
Peace true believers,

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dtdirect said...

Hilarious Ethan, im switching sites. I am no longer a consistent reader of HI/O. Knowing your background it's amazing how you keep this up to date. Keep it up.