Sunday, May 2, 2010

Making it a best of five series, Habs win 3-1 in Game #3

Well another series starts, another loss where we seemed totally mismatched, and another scrappy win the re-instill hope.
It's not even surprising anymore guys.
Well the Canadiens showed that they could once again roll with the big dogs with an 3-1 win led by the scoring brilliance of our favorite Jewtalian, Mike Cammalleri. Both his goals were brilliant, the first one a testament to his probably Italian natural soccer abilities, and the other a clutch snipe to put away the Pens. Jaroslav Halak's 38 saves were not in any way godly, but held the fort and was a great bounce back from his shaky Game 1. Andrei Kostitsyn only played a minute and a half, and Sergei was scratched. I think it is safe to say that these boys might have played themselves out of this city.
Hal Gill continues to be Hal Skill, and P.K. Subban is way too sick. The future is bright with the Subbinator in it.
On to Game 3, the Bell Centre will be rocking harder than Roman Polanski's trailer outside a middle school.
Low blow? I don't care this is a hockey blog.
Peace true believers,

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