Monday, May 24, 2010

Game 5 Don't give up just yet...

Well, I guess things aren't going exactly to plan.
After two stunning series victories the Canadiens have looked, well, like they did midseason when nothing was going right.
Really, 1 shot in the second period? Poop is kinda hitting the fan. Well it's not the time to give up just yet, the Habs have come back game after game after game, each time their backs were against the wall. This city just has to keep believing. They can still kick some ass, even if they are the big bad Flyers.
In other news, the Blackhawks advanced to their first Stanley Cup Final since 1992 and seem to be a team on a mission, their deep group of talent is certainly impressive, with Olympic MVP Jonathan Toews, Calder Trophy winner Patrick Kane, Slovakian superstar Marian Hossa and Norris Trophy candidate Duncan Keith.. Whoever comes out of the East will have their hands full with that All Star line up.
Have faith boys n girls. The show ain't over yet.
Peace true believers,

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