Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Habs 4 Pens 3. It all comes down to one game.

I had to do it, just had to.
What a hockey game! In my 10 years of going to Canadiens games at the Bell Centre, I have never screamed louder than I did last night. The crowd erupted when Mike Cammalleri ripped his 10th of the post season past Marc Andre Fleury, cascaded in boos when the Officials embarked on a mission to screw the team with timely calls and non calls, and absolutely lit up like St. Jean Baptiste day when Cammy tied the score up and received a near 5 minute ovation from me and my fellow partisans. There was some mild irony that "Vertigo" was played when Jaro Spacek scored his first of the playoffs after returning from that said illness.
Then, Max Lapierre the quintessential "super pest" shows that he's so much more than a mouth. His end to end rush had the place bouncing like those giant balls from the South Park episode.
So. What are our chances tomorrow night? I like them. I think as this team gets healthier, they become more dangerous. I think that Mike Cammalleri is playing his best hockey. Ever. The Canadiens have won 7 playoff games this year. That is the most games won by the Habs since 1993. Gee, what happened that year?
It should not end here. It can not end here. Go Habs Go, let's shock the world yet again.
Peace true believers,

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