Tuesday, May 25, 2010

A year to be proud of.

Well it's over.
Funny, we were THIS close to calling this edition of the Canadiens a team of destiny. So close, but you will not see me in mourning.
This team defied the odds and made heroes out of some, and pariahs out of others. This team refused to say die, losing their best defense man FOR THE SECOND TIME THIS YEAR with a 6 month injury, and going through yet another goalie contreversey where by the end of it, despite the inspired performance of Jaroslav Halak, is no where near to being answered.
Last year, when the Canadiens were trounced in the first round, I decided to blame the season's failures on one man, or one White Russian Pansy Transvestite to be exact. Mikhail Garbovski, who took out Andrei Markov and Mathieu Schneider and sent the Canadiens on an absolutely horrid tailspin. This year, I will again place the blame on an unusual source.
You guys effed it all up. I wasn't mad that you lost the first three games after being up 3-0, but it would have been all too perfect if you had just closed it out Game Seven. You would have been fragile, unsure, and missing David Krejci and Marco Sturm, two of your top six forwards! I can guarantee that the Canadiens would have put the wood to the Broons, and we would be looking at a showdown with the Hawks. But NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO. Even with a 3-0 lead in Game 7 you have to unceremoniously poop the bed.
For shame.
All kidding aside, I want to give some salutes to the players who showed their worth on this unforgettable run, and some of the players who weren't so lucky.
Mike Cammalleri: I salute you for being an upgrade to Alex Kovalev, you actually play well in the Playoffs AND the regular season.
Scott Gomez and Brian Gionta: I salute you for being on the only people trying during this Flyers series.
Hal Gill: I salute you for still being Hall Skill, even with one leg hacked into.
Josh Gorges: I salute you for being the last kid picked all your life, and still showing that you are Captain Material.

And now, the others....
Tomas Plekanec: Sorry that with your style of play and performance (or lack thereof...) in the playoffs makes you just a little too pricey for our team moving forward.
Marc Andre Bergeron: Sorry that while blessed with a rocket shot, you have Hockey aspergers.
Andrei Kostitsyn and Sergei Kostitsyn: Sorry for... just the get hell out of this town.
AAAAAND to Carey Price and Jaroslav Halak: Although you both can play, sorry that only one of you will be left in Montreal when next season starts.

Thats the obit for this year, thank you Bob Gainey for giving us a fun cast of characters to stand behind and give Montreal something to actually cheer about come the springtime.

Go Blackhawks. Hee hee
Peace, tonight you are all true believers,

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