Friday, May 7, 2010

Against all odds. Habs 3 Penguins 2. Series tied 2-2

The title of my blog is also a very inspiring Phil Collins song.
Just thought you should know.
Well once again the Canadiens seemed up against the ropes, up for dead and with no magic left. Then, they win.
Wait what?
This team is courageous, resilient and to borrow a term from the lovely Brian Burke, truculent!
Their third liners, or "pluggers" as the Montreal media have branded them, put in an inspired effort including 2 of our 3 goals.
What it all comes down to though, is leadership in the face of adversity. The players signed by Bob Gainey this summer, the Cammalleris, the Giontas and Gills of this world, know exactly what it takes to win, and are embracing their underdog roles.
Like James A. Baldwin once said, the most dangerous creation of any society is the man who has nothing to lose. Now, ask me who James A. Baldwin is. It doesn't matter, because the Canadiens are now dangerous, and men on a mission. If I were the Penguins right now, I would start to sweat a little.
Enjoy the weekend,
Peace true believers,

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