Saturday, May 15, 2010

Conference Finals Previews.

I think we all felt like the Canadiens were doing something really freaking special as we watched them take down the President's Trophy winners and the reigning Stanley Cup champions. I'm sure we thought it would be the talk of the playoffs.
Then the Flyers have to steal our thunder by coming back 3-0, in games won and and in goals in game 7. Instead of playing a beat up and scared Bruins team, we play an inspired Flyers team that will probably get Jeff Carter back in their line up early in the series. On a positive note, we take on Michael Leighton, a guy who at one point, was actually on the Habs, as a third goalie who never played a minute for us and was traded at the 2007 draft for a seventh round pick.
I cannot tell you what is going to happen in this series, because no one thought the 7th and 8th team would face off for a trip to the Stanley Cup, but I can tell you this much. If the Canadiens continue to frustrate the opposing teams top players, and Jaroslav Halak puts in another solid performance, there should be no reason why the Canadiens do not come up to accept the Prince of Wales trophy.
As for the West, truthfully I hope both teams get Influenza, like what happened in 1918, and whoever makes it from the East wins by default. Seeing as that won't happen, I'm going to call Hawks in 6. I think Chicago makes the jump and becomes an elite team.
So enjoy the off day, tomorrow is going to be nucking futs.
Peace true believers,

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