Wednesday, April 22, 2009

A Curtain Call.

Well boys and girls, this is it.
It's been a news-worthy season, and it's safe to say that after all that, the injuries to Robert Lang, Andrei Markov, Alex Tanguay, Mathieu Schneider, Francis Bouillion, Stephane Richer, JJ Daigneault etc... etc... and the enigmatic play of Carey Price, Alex Kovalev, Mike Komisarek, Andrei Kostitsyn and Thomas Plekanec were the two contributing factors to our first round sweep and volatile Century Celebration.
No shit Sherlock...
Keep diggin' Watson!!!
In all seriousness though, it's like Talent WAS invited to the 100th Birthday Party but then had too many Coke and Rums and threw up all over the dance floor.
Don't forget Pasquale Mangio crashing the party and getting the Kostitsyn Brothers snorting coke off a hooker's ass.
And who could forget George Gillet not being able to pay the entrance fee...
But enough with party metaphors....

This blog has come a long way, from a single post in a sarcastic tone about a Canadiens mediocre mid season win to becoming one of the most read online pieces of sports literature in the Montreal Jewish Community..
(I know... top of the world Ma, top of the world Ma)
I want to thank everyone who has supported this so I am going to do a COMPLETE list of thanks to everyone who wished me well over this time.

If you're not in this and think you should be, please be offended.
SOOOOOOO Coach Obrand, Litty the Boy Wonder, The Nu, Tubby Waxman, Smirnoff Ice, Le Petit Tigre, Griz, Reinish, McSayegh the Joneser, Yshemboss, Chitty, The "Edric" Twins, MC Omayzin and DJ Astro, Johnny Levine, J Nads, The St. G's Boys, Lawrence, Shonnie the Chillster, Mikey H, D-Cummz, Dino, Richie K, Rich Obrand, Dukie and Taylor's parents, The Artist known as Zuckerman, Charlie Brown, Riles the Showsterbater AAAAND MY LOVING FAMILY FOR THE MORAL SUPPORT.

I will still be posting hockey articles about the 2009 Darft IN MONTREAL, The 2009 Free Agency Period and of course the rest of the NHL Playoffs. (I'm pulling for the Canadian team with the best shot, the Vancouver Canucks)
Leave a comment, who are you going to watch? Or are you only a Hab man.

In my eyes, you are all true believers.

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