Friday, April 17, 2009

A Very Good Loss Broons 4 Habs 2 & Playoff Roundup Day #2

First, apologies for not putting anything up yesterday, my Internet was down.  Big ups to Steve, my home technician man for rescuing me from technological darkness about 5 minutes ago.

So let's get moving.
Well, this loss actually was sort of comforting to me. You  would have to be two candles short of a menorah if you thought the Canadiens would win every game in this series, but they still played an excellent game.  Going into the third with a 2-2 tie, it seemed that it was our game to steal, until Josh Gorges had a repulsive brain fart.  It wasn't silent either, it was one of those brain farts that you commit in an elevator when you and some other guy are the only two people in there.  It's obvious, and it stinks.
I did not think we could keep Zdeno Chara off the score sheet all day, and he did not disappoint.
I am not going to comment on the hostilities after the empty netter because it's expected with a Bruins Habs series, you watch it, decide for yourself who started it.  I was watching Hockeycentral on Sportsnet (TSN's retarded little brother) and Nick Kypreos was talking about the scrum.  He defended Mikey Komisarek for the little "face wash" and told people to chill out about it and for Bruins GM Pete Chiarelli to stop calling it a "Face Rake", or was it "Face Rape"?  The second one is a lot funnier.
Overall we lost this battle, but it's going to be one hell of a war.
Boston knows we can play with them, and I'm getting a stiffy just thinking about Andrei Markov coming back.

Hab Players of the Game: Georges Laraque and Glen Metropolit.  Definition of Playoff Hockey boys, and Glennie, LOVE the 'Stache!

Habs Goats of the Game: THE ENTIRE SECOND LINE and Josh Gorges.

  • Blackhawks top Flames in 3-2 thrilla. Marty Havlat shows why he's an elite player when he's healthy.
  • Defending champ Red Wings sodomize playoff virgin Blue Jackets 4-1. BRING OUT THE GIMP!!!
  • Ducks surprise top team Sharks 2-0.  To quote the great Edgar Allan Poe: They're fucking chokers.
Enjoy the off day.
Peace True Believers,

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