Sunday, April 5, 2009

Uber Pwnage. Habs 6 Leafs 2

The Buds got MERKED last night.
We're seeing something special these days.  Something is going on in "la ville des cloches" and the ghosts of the forum are definitely up to something.
When was the last time we've had a legitimate first line, excellent depth, a excellent Power Play, strong defenseman AND solid goaltending?
Was it during the seventies?
I know, I know, we're kind of jumping to conclusion.  But hey, isn't that what being a Habs fan is all about?
The Canadiens are white hot of late and can actually get home ice advantage.  It seemed like a pipe dream but it's getting more and more possible.  Now I know, the Canes and Pens are absolutely tearing it poop up but it is this pundit's opinion that the Habs are playing too well be in seventh place right now, although I do not think they can pass Carolina and Pittsburgh which means that by logic we'd finish 6th, so we would play the New Jers....


All of a sudden things just got cloudy.

Maybe if we break Marty's ankles....

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