Saturday, April 11, 2009

The game that nobody cares about... Habs Pens Preview

As Eric Engels of Hockey Buzz so eloquently stated, Thursday's 5-4 Overtime loss was "The most celebrated loss in the history of the Montreal Canadiens".
I know...
Tonight's season finale versus Sid the Kid and the Pittsburgh Penguins seems incredibly anti-climactic.

There's been a lot of debate lately over whether the Habs should go all out tonight for a higher spot at 7th or if we should rest our players and expect to play our rivals the Boston Bruins.
It seems that Bob is leaning twoards the 2nd option, as reportedly Alex Tanguay will sit, Kaptain K will play on the 4th line and Kovy will wing a line with Glen Metropolit and Chris Higgins.

Oh Yeah, they're definitley going all out tonight.....
So anyway, enjoy this game, I don't think it will be as intense as our last match, and get ready for one hell of a regular season finale interview with Coach Obrand.
Peace True Believers,

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