Monday, April 6, 2009

What a difference a couple weeks make.

This is Rameses.  The mascot of the University of North Carolina Tar Heels.  He will be cheering on his boys tonight at the NCAA Men's Basketball Championship game versus the Spartans of Michigan State University. Only a couple of weeks ago I was convinced that there was no point in watching the Montreal Canadiens, and I should focus all my viewing energy on March Madness.
What a difference a couple weeks make.
Now I have that viewing passion back, and watching the Canadiens play hockey gets me excited again.
I will have to flip to CBS only on commercials, as every minute will be important against the Ottawa Senators tonight, the Habs only being 3 points away from clinching a playoff berth.
A win tonight coupled with a Sabre loss will officially eliminate Buffalo from the playoffs, so thanks guys for the big win against Florida a while back, but it seems that there will be no tender loving in Western New York this spring.
The Semitic Saviour and Marky Markov will be sitting with injuries tonight, and Jaro Halak will start once again before handing over the reins to Carey Price tomorrow in the Big Apple.
Keep it positive.
Peace true believers,

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