Saturday, April 11, 2009

Shipping Up To Boston Habs lose finale 3-1

So that was a bad game....
But it's not really any reason for concern.
That one Power Play was a nightmare...
But Carey played one hell of a hockey game.
So it's decided, we're taking on the Boston Bruins ONCE AGAINin the Eastern Confrence Quarter Finals.
You know what, I'm not even remotely pissed.
So I sat down with coach Obrand for an intresting chat.

E: So Coach, what are your thoughts on the Bruins?

Coach: Personally, I think the Bruins have SICK first three lines, so it will be one hell of a series.

E: So coach, you're an observent Jew, did you invite Mathieu Schneider to your Passover seder?

Coach: Of course I did, but he didn't answer me back, I'm a little offended since when I'm named coach of this team in the Off-Season, I'll become the youngest Sport Pro since Henry Rowengartner in Rookie Of The Year

E: Okay then, so final question of the regular season. Which player do you see doing the most damage for the Canadiens in the Playoffs.

Coach: Max Pacioretty.

E: I do not think Pacioretty will be called up.

Coach: Oh... I see...well then maybe Alex Tanguay, he scored two goals in the 2001 Stanley Cup Final Game 7 against Marty Friggin Brodeur, I think he's very capable.

Well there you have it, I think this will be one sick series.
Get your car flags ready.
Peace True Believers,

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