Saturday, April 18, 2009

Playoff Roundup Day 3

Okay before I start with the round-up just thought you should click this link.
Yes, Mike Komisarek "faced raped" Matt Hunwick so much that his spleen burst.
Way to be Mikey.
Anyway ROUND UP.
  • Hurricanes bounce back after an embarrassing Game One loss and win 2-1 in Overtime in the New Jersey Swamp. TIMMMAAAY Gleason with the winner.
  • The battle of Pennsylvania rages on with a 3-2 instant classic in the Steel City.  Billy Guerin (GOD YOU COULD HAVE BEEN A HAB) scores the overtime winner.
  • Finaaaaalllyyy, Bobby Lu shows why he's one of the best 'tenders in the world with a 3-0 blank out of the St. Louis Blues. Everyone who has him in their playoff pool must be having multiples right now.
Habs game tonight at the classic 8 PM start.
If we want to win this series' we're going to need a lot more of the Bruins to be rushed to the Hospital.
But seriously, get well Matt Hunwick, you may be a Bruin, but you're a solid hockey player and a good ol' Michigan Wolverine.  On a random note, the Wolverines have supposedly recruited Duke Point Guard Greg Paulus to try out for their starting QB job.
Yes you heard me right.
Point Guard, Quarter Back, I am aware they are two different sports.
Check the link: HERE.
Peace True Believers,

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