Friday, April 24, 2009

Playoff Roundup Day 9.

Hey boyohs.
I was considering not following the Playoffs after the Canadiens were bounced, but then I realized just how awesome the game of Hockey is.  Even if your team is no longer around, the story lines and intensity of the NHL Playoffs just inspires you to stick on a helmet yourself and go start a fight with someone smaller than you so you feel like the Slovakian Sandman Zdeno Chara, (I hate him so much, but he's a beast, a Norris Candidate Beast).
Bullet points for the rest of the different series'.
  • The Washington Capitals are in a hole against the Rangers, much in part to the absolute brilliance of New York tender King Henrik Lundqvist.  The two teams play tonight in Game 5 in DC.  The Rangers can take the series 4-1, the Capitals will need one hell of a game from their own Red Army of Ovechkin, Semin, Fedorov, Kozlov and Varlamov if they want to  stay alive.
  • The Devils Hurricanes series is turning out to be probably the best series of the entire first round, close games and sharp goal tending have made this one almost too close to call.  The Devils now have the slight edge with a 1-0 win last night, the 23rd post season shutout for Marty.  
  • The Pittsburgh Philadelphia series has been a nasty affair, (watch Dan Carcillo's face off Punch, epic..) the Flyers  were given up for dead when they were down 3-1 but proved people wrong with a 3-0 manhandling of the Pens on their own turf last night.  Look for this series to go the distance.
  • The Stanley Cup favorite San Jose Sharks look to be falling apart at the seams, down 3-1 after a 4-0 drubbing at the hands of the Anaheim Mighty Ducks, coached by Gordon Bombay.  Adam Banks and Jesse Hall each scored twice and Julie "the Cat" Gathwright got the shutout.  Kenny Wu tried to do some kind of gay little pirouette but got merked by Dan Boyle.  If you didn't catch the Disney reference yet then you should stop reading.
  • The Detroit Red Wings look like the Defending Champs with a 4-0 traumatic cherry popping of the Playoff Virgin Columbus Blue Jakcets.  The last game was a snipe show 6-5, with the Jackets taking a controversial too-many-men penalty with less than a minute left with the score tied 5-5.  The winner was potted on the Power Play by my favorite player in the entire league, Johan "Da Mule" Franzen. Chris Osgood is my favorite story so far, on an absolute mission from the Hockey Gods after he was told he was not good enough to play in the post-season.
  • The Canucks topped the St. Louis Blues with their own sweep.  The last game going to overtime with Alexandre Burrows scoring the winner.  As I previously stated, I am now pulling for the 'Nucks because they are a Canadian team and they don't have Olli Jokinen who looks like a stupid Otter.

  • The Flames and Blackhawks are deadlocked 2-2 in a tough series, I personally dislike the Calgary Flames, except for Jarome Iginla and Half-Jew Mike Cammalleri.  Hopefully the Hawks can pull it off and we can see Super Sophs Kane and Toews in round two.
The Habs held a sort of eulogizing press conference talking about what went wrong this season.  Bob Gainey blamed Brian Lawton and his sleaze baggery in the entire "Lecavalier Fake Trade Sweepstakes" that pre-occupied slumping Habs like Komisarek, Plekanec and Higgins.  Carey Price admitted he was frustrated with the Habs Un-Faithful when he pulled his ode to St. Patrick move after making an easy save and was given a mock ovation.

This will be a very different team come next season, right now we're just speculating on who will stay and who will go.

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