Monday, April 27, 2009

Playoff Roundup Day 12

So I am sitting in History class and we are learning about the Canadian Economy in the early 21st Centruty and rising public debt.
So I'm going to talk about hockey instead.
  • We got TWO game sevens!!
  • The Capitals tie up the series and take the Rangers to school 5-3.  It honestly looked like a bunch of Soviet legends versus my Bantam "B" team.  If the Rangers want to come away with this series, they will NEED a perfect game from Hank Lundqvist.
  • The Canes and Devils will go to a seventh and deciding game after Carolina prevailed 4-0 last night.  This is probably the best series of the first round but I have no seen any of the games since BELL FUCKING SATELITE TOOK AWAY MY TSN 2!!!
Just makes me want to punch Jay Onrait in the face...
That's all for now...
Enjoy your hockey-less city Montreal.

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