Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Absolute Desperate Times...

The panic in Montreal has reached it's boiling point.
Yesterday reports surfaced that Georgie Boy Gillet, who is feeling the financial heat with his English Premier League Team Liverpool, is considering selling the Canadiens...  Some of his contacts have been a couple of deep pocketed Dubai businessmen, imagine that: French Canada's most treasured possession in the hands of a Muslim Tycoon.  Can't wait for those press conferences.
French Canadian Journalist:  So um, what his your response to da people who say dat you should not be de howner of Les Canadiens because you do not speak da francais hand you hare not from l'Amerique?

In other Canadiens apocalypse news, Max Patches has been sent been sent down to Hamilton and the Club has brought up Belarusian Party Boy Sergei Kostitsyn.
Somewhere in Hampstead, Coach Obrand is crying himself to sleep.

The Canadiens take on the Thrashers tonight, a team they have had trouble with lately, even though their are a bottom five team in the league.

We are still a point ahead of Florida, who have been playing as stanky as we have.
There is still hope for this team, but it must start tonight.
Everyone say the Shema for our boys in Red and Blue.  Lord knows they need it.

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