Thursday, March 12, 2009

Playing the NHL's Worst...But Um...: Islanders at Canadiens Preview

Just ask's never a sure thing.
The Canadiens, fresh off an emotional win against the Oilers, will face off against the cellar dwelling Islanders and I know what you're thinking: "OMG THIS IS A SURE WIN WE'RE PLAYING THE NEW YORK SUCK-LANDERS, I PREDICT UM...A 11-2 WIN! LIKE OMG WE'VE BEEN PLAYING SOO WELL, LIKE EVEN THOUGH WE HAD 2 SHOTS IN THE SECOND PERIOD LAST GAME..WE'RE INSAAANE..CUP CONTENDERS...WE ARE GUNNA ABSOLUTELY BUM MERK THE ISLES!!!!"
To all of you, please make your mother apologize for smoking meth while pregnant with you.

To the rest of you, yes we should be optimistic that the Islanders are as terrible as they are...but from what we've seen from the incredible inconsistency that the Canadiens exemplify, we never know...

For the Canadiens to win:  More solid goaltending from the resurrected Carey Price, and for Ryan O'Byrne to NEVER BEEN ON THE ICE WHEN THE NET IS EMPTY...but let's cut him some slack he's been a monster of late...
Enjoy Kinderlach,

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