Monday, March 9, 2009

My New Favorite Canadien

Yesterday I panicked.  I'm not going to lie, at one point in the game we had dug ourselves something deeper than a Montreal pothole. The Candiens had 9 penalties last night and most of them were because of one man.  Steve Ott, the human definition of "irritation" had just played one of the most impressive shifts I had ever seen.  Hit after clean hit, Ott got under the Habs skin and was cannon balling at any white jersey he saw. He sees Saku Koivu, the Canadiens' fearless Captain, a man who has beat all the odds heading into a corner.  Ott barrels into him, and when Andrei Kostitsyn tries to retaliate it, Ott bounces off him and knocks the big Belarussian flat on his ass.

Maybe there is.
Ott skates into the Canadiens zone, at this point he'll start throwing popcorn if it means he will get a reaction.  The puck squirts out into the neutral zone and he rushes out to get the puck.
Ott skates into a red and white shoulder.  He hits the floor and proceeds to get physically abused by an unknown member of La Tricolore. Whoever this is, they believed that taking a shot at Captain K was the final straw.
"LARAQUE"  We all shout, we are sure that Big Georges is behind this act of defiance.
But wait! BGL is yet again on the shelf with a back problem.
"So who can it be?" We all ponder out loud.
Then we see the #70 and out hearts light up.
Gregory Stewart, the 6'2 200 pound Kitchner Ontario native has been known to stand up for his teammates in time of trouble.
Many of us remember him dropping the gloves with Maple Leaf Bryan McCabe in the regular season finale last year and getting a booming ovation from the Habitant faithful in his first game called up.  We all knew he was a tough cookie, we saw him mix it up with the Jew-Frowed Chris Thorburn on Thursday night in Hotlanta, but we never knew how intensely he will stand up for his teammates.
In a era where most athletes play only for themselves and a phat paycheck, it is so refreshing to see an old school warrior like Stewart who will stand up for his teammates, much like a modern day incarnation of the late great John Ferguson...
So keep dropping the gloves Greg, if your chivalrous actions get us more wins, you'll end up being a Provincial Hero.

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