Sunday, March 8, 2009


The look says it all. Bob Barker ain't got poop on him. Much like Austin Powers, Carey Price finally has regained his mojo.  It came in the form of 3-1 win against the Dallas Stars.  Price made 30 saves and looked damn sharp.  The Canadiens finally woke up from their opium induced haze and scored 3 goals on only 18 shots.  Andrei Kostisyn got the puck out of a mad scramble in front of the net and shoveled it past Marty Turco for his 23rd.  Alex Kovalev pulled one hell of a move right after our Power Play expired and blasted a slapper from the circle that I'm pretty sure caught Turco in the helmet, have to look at some replays for confirmation.  The third goal was an embarrassment to the entire State of Texas.  One of those goals that Cristobal Huet used to give up when he was a valued member of the CH. Turco tried to play the puck in the trapezoid of death and the puck bounced around the boards to a waiting Chris Higgins.  It was nice to see Chrissy score a goal after a rough season for the native of Long Island.

Now for my new weekly segment:
An interview with Sam Obrand, the Canadiens' next coach.

E:  So Sam, if you were the new coach, what would be your first plan of action?
Sam:  I would fart on Patrice Brisebois' pillow when he sleeps so he will get pinkeye and never see another minute of ice time.
E: Oh, that's clever, because pink eye affects your eye directly..that's very witty... o.k. next question, will you be intimidated by these local celebrities?
Sam:  Not at all, but I will have one request when I become coach.
E: What's that?
Sam:  Well when the team takes their daily showers I'm going to invite Max Pacioretty to use my um...private shower so I can personally decide whether he is physically healthy enough to stay with the big club....
E: Um, I believe that is illegal becaus...
Sam: I mean have you SEEN Patches goodness, Lamar Odom has nothing on him...
E: Well this has gotten highly appropriate very quickly.


P.S. Obese Ups to Oliver Mayers for writing that interesting post on my blog that I quickly deleted, to YShemBoss for being an absolute Bawss at Xbox Live and J.Schneidz for being global, you da best.
O and happy belated to Frai and Romoff, hope you boys had a wicked awesome weekend...

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