Sunday, March 29, 2009

Okay, my bad.

Well yesterday I attended the Canadiens game with a friend of mine.  Feeling hungry we purchased Timbits from the Tim Hortons during the second Intermission.  We sit down in our excellent seats and watch  Clark MacArthur tie the game up 3-3.  It is at that point that the young lady sitting next to us turns to face us and say: "STOP EATING THE TIMBITS. THE MINUTE I SAW YoU WALK IN WITH THOSE, I WAS LIKE OH NOOO THE CANADIENS ARE GOING TO GET SCORED ON"
I laughed full out in this young lady's face when I shoud've realized that this girl was actually some kind of soothsayer or psychic.  Throughout the night, whenever this girl was not looking my friend and I would sneak a chocolate Timbit or two until the box was empty.
I am so sorry Montreal.
We just kept eating those Timbits.
Every time the Canadiens had the opportunity to close it in the shootout, I think they just thought about Timbits and shot wide...
I apologize for my ignorance, we are only one point out of a playoff spot.

Anyway I had a talk with Coach Obrand and I asked him some interesting questions.
E: So Coach what is your pregame meal?  What would you tell players  to eat before a large game.
Coach: Well I know ALL of you say "Oh, Chicken and Pasta, Chicken and Pasta, Chicken and NYEAGH" Well I have something else that has been a key component in my success.
E: And that Is?
Coach: Honey Bunches of Oats Cereal.
E: Um okay, any reason?
Coach: I dunno they're nutritious and delicious.
E: Okay well Coach do you have any comments about Max Pacioretty being sent down?
Coach: Well, EVERYONE is saying that Max was not performing as well as Matt D'Agostini  and blah blah blah but I have a point for YOU.
E: Go ahead.
Obrand: Well Max's +/- is -3.
E: Okay...
Coach: Well D'Agostini is a -15.  So there you have it, proof that Max Pacioretty is 5 times better than Matt D'Agostini.  In the battle of young Italians, I take the the boy form New Canaan Connecticut.
E: Well I don't think it's as black and white as that, but okay...
E: Well Coach once again this was enlightening and disturbing at the same time.  Thanks for your time Coach.
Coach: We gotta take this one game at a time.  Keep the faith everyone.
I agree with the Coach.
Peace True Believers.

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