Thursday, March 5, 2009

Some Verbal Tylenol for your Hockey Hangover...

So..umm...that was an intresting day huh.....
Okay so I'm going to just adress everything that pissed you guys off yesterday.
1) The Canadiens, for the 67th Year in the Row, decided to not make a huge deal to acquire an impact foward like Olli Jokinen.  Bob says that he is happy with his team and isn't going to press the panic button just because some trigger happy Journalists think it would be a good idea.

2) The Canadiens take the team that Bob is happy with, and get bent over and spanked by the Buffalo Sabres, 5-1.  Carey Price gets his shot to redeem himself, gets decked early in the first, is slow to get up and then lets up a Goal on the Power Play after the Canadiens outshout the Sabres 18-10 in the first.  The Canadiens could not beat Patrick Lalime, which is kind of an oxymoron considering the intensity of his mediocrity in the league.  Price admitted after, "I didn't feel that great to be honest.  I felt a little rusty.  I have to play better"

Listen. I started writing to expose Canadiens fans for the Hypocrites they were, hence my blog name.  My hypothesis has never been stronger.  Look around, at least someone in your office, school or crack house is rambling on and on about how the Canadiens are screwed as a team and that Bob Gainey should be fired and Carey Price should have been traded and Kovalev is bad and Pacioretty is a bust and yadda, yadda, yadda.   But isn't it comical that these same people were singing the praises of the CH after we squeaked out a win against the Sharks... are Candiens fans struck by some Chemical Inbalance??? No, they're just bored and like to be part of a mob mentality.

To anyone who says the Canadiens will not succeed because they did not make the big move, SHEDDUP.  Yes the Penguins made the Stanley Cup Finals with Marian Hossa.  But guess what, two weeks after they lost, Marian ditched the Pens for the team that beat them.  The Penguins are now out of a Playoff spot, Michel Therrien is fired, and the Trade at the Deadline now stands as Angelo Esposito, Colby Armstrong and a 1st Round Pick for Pascal Dupuis (As Hossa is no longer on Pittsburgh, and Erik Chirstensen was traded to the Ducks yesterday) What do the Penguins have to show for this?  Oooo the Clarence Campbell Bowl.  Does not pack the same punch as Lord Stanley's Mug.  The Pens did acquire Bill Guerin for a conditional draft pick, which is a great trade for them, but Billy has been used as  rental player before, and how did that help the Sharks in 2007?  A second round exit to the Red Wings. Last year, Bob not only didn't acquire an impact foward, but he traded away Cristobal Huet.  Once again the MENSA members of Montreal were up in arms "HOW THE EFF COULD YOU TRADE HUET, PRICE IS NOT GOING TO DO POOP!" Fast foward a month, Carey Price goes 12-4, Canadiens finish first in the East, meanwhile Crystal Balls has not yet won a Playoff Series.  Same MENSA member: "OMG PRICE IS SOOOO GOOD I ALWAYS LIKED BOBS CHOICES."  

So to all who are still kvetching, here's an old Yiddish proverb "Gai Kacken Effen Yom"
Look it up.
I expect all of you to pretend to love the Habs again when we beat the Thrashers Friday.


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