Tuesday, March 31, 2009

A little class and respect please... Habs Hawks preview.

This girl knows what I'm talking about.
Well tonight the Canadiens entertain their Original Six brethren the Chicago Blackhawks at the Bell Centre, and we all know that is will be a tough match and probably one of the most important games of their volatile season, but I want to bring a another point to light.
On Saturday I was in attendance as former Canadien Craig Rivet was booed mercilessly as a member of the Buffalo Sabres.   This reminded me of all the Neanderthals in this city that do not appreciate or understand why Craig is no longer on our team.  Rivet put almost 15 years of yeoman service to this organization, and was TRADED away.  He did not sign with another team, and did NOT want to play for another team.  He expressed great sadness when he was shipped to San Jose for Josh Georges and a pick that ultimately became Coach Obrand's man crush Max Pacioretty
So you're probably thinking "Why did we boo him? I don't know?"
Because my friends, the majority of Canadiens' fans are what the french call "Les Incompetents" or what Quebecois call "Les Maudits Putins d'Estie Tabarnaque Calisse
I'm sorry if any young French Canadians were offended by that last sentence.
Just telling it like it is.
It saddens me that people don't understand that when a player leaves the Team, he is not flipping us off.  Contrary to what we might all think, Montreal is not the center of the Universe, and it is not the most requested destination for Hockey players, mostly due to High Taxes, Bad Weather, the Ridiculous complications of sending a child to school and the Blood Thirsty Jackals oops I mean the French Media.
Cristobal Huet is behind the pipes tonight for his first game in Montreal since we dealt him at last year's deadline. 
Even though I personally did not like him as a player, I will curb stomp anyone who boos the man who was possibly the most popular individual in the entire province of Quebec for a couple of years.
Please, you don't have to give a standing ovation, but don't act like idiots.
Enjoy the game.
Peace True Believers,

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