Sunday, March 22, 2009

Man Of My Word

So this is what rock bottom feels like.
It's surprisingly comfortable.
Knowing that we can't possibly do anything worse..
Knowing that firing Carbo in a panic move WAS the worst thing we could have done...
Knowing that even the great Jaroslav Halak played like dung...
Knowing that now all you fake fans who think we should trade Carey Price have absolutely nothing else to complain about....
I feel safe, relieved almost...

Coach Sam Obrand had some things to say before the game about Patches not playing, even though he ended up in the lineup as did Big Tits and Komi, he also had something that might inspire you.
With the sky falling here in Montreal, talk of Hockey Armageddon and just waiting for Darren Dreger to say with a smirk "The Canadiens need to Rebuild, Gainey needs to go..." I watched this video, highlighting the beautiful part of sport, the sweet taste of pure victory, the agony of defeat, the look in the eyes of a real athlete, not the ones who sit out for a week because they sprained their pinkie toe, the ones like Bobby Baun and Kellen Winslow Sr., who won games for their respective teams with broken legs.  I watch this video and I remember why I got into this blog writing business, not to complain about how bad my team is but to show people what sport is really about: Passion and the Love of The Game
Here is the video below.

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