Monday, March 2, 2009

Billy Watch: Hour Whatever...

He's taken long enough...

Some juicy news out of the League:
  • Sean Avery is on re-entry waivers.  Will probably be a Ranger by tonight.  Says he has a "new organic behaviour" which leads many to believe that he developed a pot habit while away from the game.  Warning:  He might come to Ranger practice tomorrow with long dreads and then ditch the team to go chill in tents in Australia a la Ricky Williams.
  • Jaro Halak missed practice today with the flu, Chris Higgins showed up late... almost got excited and assumed this meant he was set to be traded. I then realized that traffic was probably just backed up on the Champlain Bridge.
  • Brian Burke has classified the rumored Bruins trade proposal of "Colborne, a 3rd and a 2nd for Kaberle" as absolute put it nicely. Knowing Burke his rant would probably consist of less "Poppy" and more...well you see where I'm going.

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