Sunday, March 1, 2009


Well, we just witnessed the impossible. 
A Canadiens team that was all but given up for dead a week ago has won FOUR straight and is challenging Philadelphia for Home Ice Advantage in the Playoffs....  But wait, this wasn't what was supposed to happen!
We were supposed to KEEP LOSING.  And we would blame it ALL on Kovalev.  And the Mathieu Schneider deal was supposed to do NOTHING to help our power play that's has gone from almost dead last to 16th in six games.  Carbo was supposed to get canned because he COULDN'T coach.  And god damn it wasn't Halak supposed to be in that Marian Gaborik deal we've been waiting on since October!
This isn't anything like we planned.
This team actually looks talented and might have a chance against the league's best.
Weren't we not supposed to able to beat the Islanders.
This is scary........
I don't think we're in Montreal anymore Toto.

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