Monday, March 2, 2009

Some Thoughts For The Night.

Well as we all know, today's quest for the holy Bill ended in disappointment as he remains on the Islanders and will probably only be moved on Wednesday.  Since I might actually have to work tomorrow, I am writing this piece tonight, almost a calm before the inevitable storm. By the way, I gotta give mad respect to my new sidekick, Litty the Boy Wonder who has dedciated himself to helping me report the news that matters..and the news that no one gives a rat's ass about to you my faithful readers.

  When 3 P.M. comes around on deadline day, we will probably be looking at a very different NHL, with some familiar faces in new places, and hey, maybe even a few sporting the Tricolore.  
I'm taking the time tonight to say goodbye to some Habitants who might not be with us once that fateful hour arrives.
1) Mathieu Dandenault
Well Dandy, this is the end.
It's been a known fact since this weekend that Dandenault wants to play, and that Bob Gainey is willing to give him that chance.  Although it will be on a different team.  This is a guy who has been on 3 Stanley Cup winning Red Wing teams, and actually chose to sign with the Habs.  We thought we could use him for leadership but much like the infamous acquisition of Sergei Samsonov (OMG was that a brutal experience) it ended up with Dandy feeling unappreciated, much like that chick with the acne who no one will dance with at the party even thought she probably gives it up really easy.  
Probability of Getting Traded: 90%

2) Chris Higgins
We all loved Chris Higgins, the Ivy League boy who could play both ends of the ice, was a great Penalty Killer and could score 30 goals when healthy.  Only problem is, he's not very good at that last he's able to score...just staying healthy is the tricky part.  He's gone from hero to permanent trade bait and aside from his flashes of brilliance (his Heisman like stiff arm on Drew Doughty to tie up a game against the Kings) he has looked sore for most of the year... I used to think Chris could be our next captain but from the way this season's played out for Smithtown New York's favorite son, maybe a change of scenery is all he needs to get back into form.
Probability of Getting Traded: 50%

3)Georges Laraque.
There is not one person in this entire city who didn't want to buy a #17 Jersey the minute he signed with the Habs this July, and we still love you BGL, except maybe the feeling isn't so mutual anymore.  Most of us know the story... Laraque says he's unhappy with ice time, says he wants a trade.  Laraque takes it back, says he loves the city. Everyone is confused by this 6'3 250 pound Haitian Dr.Jekyll/Mr. Hyde and his contradictory statements.  Although it is unlikely he will get dealt, don't write it off as impossible.  Bob Gainey is like our lord.  He works in mysterious ways.
Probability of Getting Traded: 38.76%

So for those of you that will not make it to see March 5th 2009 in the city of Montreal:
Au Revoir Les Boys
Wherever you may go, at least you'll have lower taxes.

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Anonymous said...

ethan wtf man, not include me in the blog, even though i have clearly been reading since the beginning and have been getting lost in your intellectual and cultural references time and time again.
and i paid for most of the cab saturday night

btw its haichin if you didnt realize.
next blog better have my name on it.