Thursday, March 26, 2009

More than Lucky

Yesterday Habbie fans watched in horror as the Florida Panthers led the Buffalo Sabres 3-1 Midway through the third period.
Oh no, this is the end.
They will tie us in the standings, we're going to get merked by the Lightning on Thursday night, the Panthers will win again and we will finally be out of the playoffs.
But what is this, the puck seems to have ended up in the Panthers net.  Oh there it goes again...and um oh my lord.....ARE THE SABRES WINNING???
Yes they were.
5-3 Buffalo win.
To all you Canadiens fans of the female gender, you owe all the burly men in Buffalo some sweet tender lovin' and by the looks of many Bills fans, it will be anything but tender.
Tonight the Canadiens can add a little cushion and capitalize on the Panthers implosion with a win against the Lightning tonight (Game time 7:30 at the Bell Centre)
Keys to the Habs winning: The NHL 09 Default Line (Kovy-Kaptain Saku-Tanger) must be once again firing on ALL cylinders.  Pleks must get the pair of Tits (Andrei and Sergei) to get some shots on net to create some secondary scoring, and the Urban Cowboy himself, Carey Price MUST be on his game.
Lets get some type of tribal dance going for good luck.
Don't laugh, we need all the help we can get.

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