Sunday, March 8, 2009

Game Preview: Canadiens @ Stars

That was a pain-stakingly long and agonizing defeat to the Thrashers where...dare I say it...Carey Price was our best player..GASP!!!
The Canadiens now face a Dallas Stars team who is stuck in a three way log jam for eighth place in the Western Conference with the Oilers and Predators.  The West has never been tighter, with Dallas just 5 points out of 13th place.  So expect a resilient and hungry team to line up against the Canadiens.
A player that might give the Habs a hard time is "Mr. Heart" himself, Steve Begin. AHHAAHA OMG SORRY I COULDN'T KEEP A STRAIGHT FACE...  There have definitely been some under evolved Montrealers who merit the Habs road problems to Stevie B being traded, but shuttup, he's a 4rd liner for Christ's sake.  An actual issue in the form of an ex-Hab might be Mike Ribeiro who we traded before the 2006-2007 season for the incomparable Janne Niinimaa. (Man I just love that name).  Ribs isn't on pace for the season he had last year, but still is incredibly dangerous
Check this link, he's such a cheeky bastard.

For the Habs to win today: Carey Price must play the way he did in Atlanta, and everyone else should avoid smoking  gratuitous amounts of dope right before the game.

Peace It.
Go Habs Go

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