Wednesday, March 18, 2009

The Clusterf*@ck that is the East

                                              Evegeni and the Pens are feeling good.
So with the Canadiens losing in the Shootout we find the Habs in an absolute logjam for the last 4 spots in the Eastern Conference.

#   Team   GP  Points
4    PHI      69    84
5    PIT      72    84
6    NYR    71     82
7    MTL    70    81
8    CAR    71     79
9    FLA    70     78

The Canadiens are in a favourable postion, with two games at hand on the Penguins and only 3 points back.  The Canadiens are conntrolling their own destiny, but they have to control it well, as the Penguins are red hot of late as you can clearly see in this picture in which Gino Malkin is devouring some poor girl's face.
What is important right now?  
Well the Canadiens take on the Senators, Leafs, Lightning and Thrashers; four of the five worst teams in the East.  We need at LEAST six points from this homestand.
If we can't do that then maybe we don't deserve to be in this year's edition of the Playoffs.

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